For a longtime I have been scrolling past his Facebook posts, sometimes liked and pass a comment but I didn’t pay proper attention to this youngster until this day he dropped a dope freestyle on #LiftAsYouRise challenge – really dope.

Back in the day he was a senior in our high school football team. The energy was there and the passion was real. Fast forward 2019 we meet again, he’s no longer the noisy right back Tinashe Tembo, they now call him Nash45. The microphone and condenser have replaced sheen pads and soccer boots to make as his new kit, from slamming referees to dropping bars. The journey has taken a tremendous twist.

Tinashe Tembo is a 21 year old multi-talented youth based in Northern Cyprus where he is pursuing his educational career and nursing his musical life. His ambition can be traced back to as young as 13 and at 16 he started discovered Nash45, a beast he had been possessing. His mother a gospel artist might have inspired the kid as well. The Kendrick Lamar-inspired rapper is a budding artist who’s taking every move elegantly. He is a hardcore rapper who can emphatically ride on afro-pop, RnB and gospel. He’s vibrant behind the mic and as a personality trait. From the interview he’s done with HotMic, you can love the vigilance and hype in this yungin. He reveals that he is not just a musical artist but also a graphic designer, photographer and video producer areas which he discovered in 2018 a year he decided not to release music.

I’m loving the foundations being laid down by the Zimbabwean hip hop artists. We already have some powerful diaspora representation and you can safely bank on Nash45 as one of them as they are led by Hillzy. Nash45 has been hard done by the geographical gap between his motherland and Cyprus, but it’s only a matter of time. He gives credit to Dj Mox of Star FM for the airplay. We might not have heard about his manager but his grind is well organized and disciplined. He says, ’as we speak I have more than 50 songs in my hard drive…real music with potential to become nationwide hits’. He aims to attain a loyal fan base before releasing his projects which is a witty move.

Then importantly, his music we have a track called insomnia a track he wrote reflecting on his life and relations with peers. This is a song Nash45 hesitated to release, it carries a sensitive feel which is an outburst of the pressures of his life experiences. The chorus drives and traps you into a mind capture, a stream of consciousness that can potentially drain all your negative energy and gives you time to reflect and rebuild, from there you are healed. His literature carries the Lamar and Zim Hip Hop’s Henry inspiration. Credit to Hanah as well who colored the song with a creamy chorus. Just like any other MC he has one for the lovebirds, a love song called Tayenda which features Kimberly Gondora on the chorus. You know how dangerous these girl-boy combos are in rap music and likewise Tayenda is a sizzling track which had fair space in terms of airplay on local stations.

The song, Falling with Phatso had a good reception and the visuals are beautiful as well. Nash45’s bromance with Phatso bore 16 tracks and hopes are that they will drop an album. He also roped in the famed Rowlene’s vocals and added a few lines to make a duet called Afraid. So much more is coming from the chanter who won an award for the Most Promising Artist and we hope he lives up to the standards expected of him.

In addition to Nash45’s achievements as yet is that he already owns a record label called UB Productions and has two artists signed to it. One of them is above mentioned Kimberly. His EP Inspired is available on all digital platforms. We hope he will bless us with an album and in the future make collaborations with local rappers so that he is familiarized with the local game.

You can listen to Insomnia with the link below and tell us what you think about the boy 45.

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