Zimbabwe politics rhetoric

By Taku Zee

Just oust rarity for prosperity
We are deep in this pain session
Diss pen session huh ?
Its rhetoric

Zimbabwe is open for busy nurses
Peasentry and peanuts
They once had that bee zeal to nurse
Too bad you cut all the flowers with the pollen
Its rhetoric

The voice of the the people is the voice of God
Then is the void of the people, Gods void
Its diribitatingly confusing
I don’t know what that means
But politically – ——- – its rhetoric

Slavery evolved
They just decorated it with the word civil
Do the math
I will explain to you in 41 ways if you don’t get it
Peasantry and peanuts
I told you its politically rhetoric

Coup de’tat ?
Cool ,how about the tars?
Tar coup Zi-mbabwe
Yes you doctored the coup
Cool, how about the doctor’s dough ?
Well I’m just one barking Chihuahua
You know what they do even if I keep barking
Ask a tribe called the “Tonga”
Politically its rhetoric

I could fuel a provoking insight
Too bad they hiked the petrol prices
With so much literacy
I wonder why we act like a littered race
Well we are civil and resilient
Ask me tomorrow , I will tell
The namez you are asking for are between the lines

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