Zimbabwe women's cricket team
Pic: 3-mob.com

Zimbabwe were crowned the 2019 ICC Women’s Qualifier Africa champions, much to the delight of every one who avidly follows the sport in the country.

Zimbabwe went the whole tournament unbeaten. In the final, they defeated Namibia by a massive 50 runs. This means that they have secured their place at the ICC T20 and ICC World Cup Global Qualifiers.

And yet, it feels like their discourse has not flooded the sports narrative in the country. We are talking about a team that has been the best in Africa (well, South Africa are miles ahead) and yet not enough about their success is being preached.

Their story is lovely and it would even be more delightful if they manage to secure places at the global cricket World Cup tournaments.

Women’s sport, and in this case, women’s cricket, deserves so much coverage. Because these girls are our own. And these girls do really make us proud as a nation.

Their journey in these Qualifiers was one of determination and hard-work. One in which they never under-estimated any opponent but put their heart and soul in the games they played. Thereby maintaining a clean record.

They have amazing leadership skills in Mary-Anne Musonda, who is the captain of Zimbabwe. Ever since she took leadership, Zimbabwe haven’t lost a single match. That is hugely impressive. There’s loads of talent in Anesu Mushangwe, Sharne Mayers, Chipo Mugeri-Tiripano, Modester Mupachikwa, Josephine Nkomo, Tasmeen Granger and others.

Nothing can even stop these ladies from soaring to greater heights. Their game is hard to ignore and we do hope they keep on that same path.

And now that they  have progressed to a bigger stage, we do really wish them all the best.

Watch the highlights of the final here:

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