Zimbabwe among least happiest countries in the world

Gallup, a US analytics company, collaborated with the United Nations to release the findings of their survey on the global state of happiness. These were published in the World Happiness Report.The criteria used in the survey were: income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity.

So you may wonder where Zimbabwe ranks. Out of 156 countries reviewed by Gallup, Zimbabwe ranked 146th. Ouch. That hurts.

But that’s the state of our nation. We are an unhappy lot. The conditions we live in hinder our happiness. So it’s not really surprising that Zimbabwe has such rank. Zimbabwe fared better than Botswana, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Tanzania and South Sudan. The happiest country in Africa is Mauritius is 57th on the global list. Finland is the happiest country in the world, while South Sudan is the least happiest country in the world.

Zimbabwe finds itself among the least happiest countries in the world due to a myriad of factors. To start with, the economic situation is just defeating the majority of us. The political situation does not inspire an iota of optimism. Incomes are terribly low in Zimbabwe. Is there even any formal employment to really talk about at length? This is where we are as a nation. Unhappy. A few of us are happy.

Zimbabwe is further sinking. There is no sign of any improvement; the country is reaching rock-bottom. Or maybe we are there already. But such findings just give a glimpse of a country’s status. The implication is that the majority of Zimbabweans are currently unsatisfied with the status of their country.

How did we get here? The story is all too familiar. Clueless leadership. Reckless government. Insincere, and arrogant. Self-aggrandizement. An oligarchy. This is Zimbabwe. One of the least happiest countries in the world.


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