Zimbabwe 2018 elections: MDC Alliance must win and not ZANU-PF
Nelson Chamisa, leader of MDC Alliance, presenting a new chance for Zimbabwe to start all over again

There are just a few days left and we will be casting our votes as Zimbabweans for the first time since the November 2017 coup.

There is a bit of excitement, some fair dosage of optimism, and some uneasiness. No one is sure whether this will go down well. The credibility of the election is under threat. I mean, do we really trust the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)?

Ever since the current president Emmerson Mnangagwa seized power through a coup in November 2017, little has changed really. If not, we have actually seen how this so called New Dispensation is a scam. There is nothing new about it. The old still prevails. And surely, the old must go, and allow the new to come in.

Corruption is still rife, impunity is still prevailing, repressive legislation such as POSA is still there, the health structure is dilapidated, the cash crisis is driving us into our graves, ZEC is still leaning towards ZANU-PF, state media is still heavily biased, there is no clear policy for local investors (the open for business mantra is not meant for us), infrastructure is in a sorry state, I mean everything with Zimbabwe is still wrong.

So why should we give ZANU-PF another chance? They have failed to show a will for deep and genuine reform in the few months that they have been in power. And I think the greatest favour Zimbabweans should do for themselves is to vote them out.

ZANU-PF must be voted out and the MDC Alliance present a good chance for Zimbabwe to have a fresh start.

We are just tired, man.

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