Why tendai biti was denied political asylum

Tendai Biti, one of the MDC Alliance principals who won a legislation seat for Harare East has generated some headlines in the past few days because of how the security forces in Zimbabwe are pursuing him.

Tendai Biti made a declaration saying that Nelson Chamisa had won the presidential election in Zimbabwe before the results were officially announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. He was also accused of inciting opposition supporters to protest violently in Harare. The clampdown on the protesters by the military resulted in the loss of 6 lives.

Ever since his life has not known peace, being targeted unfairly by the security forces. He sought to escape to Zambia in a dramatic series of events with the hope of securing political asylum. There was a chaotic pandemonium at the Zambia border but he finally made it into Zambia, where he was denied political asylum.

There are now efforts by lawyers to facilitate his stay in Zambia while pursuing the political asylum.

But the Zambian Information minister tweeted why the government of Zambia denied Tendai Biti the political asylum he is in dire need of.

This is how she justified the government of Zambia denying Tendai Biti political asylum.

Her justification is in stark contrast with what’s happening in Zimbabwe.

It would sound quite absurd, really, because everything points to Biti’s life being in grave danger.

But, hey…

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