what vendors are doing with condoms in zimbabwe

So, there is a shortage of condoms in Zimbabwe, and this has partly been attributed to vendors who are taking them in bulk in order to produce home-made floor polish.

Clinics and hospitals have run out of free condoms distributed by the National Aids Council (NAC) amid fears of vendors taking them. In Marondera, it was revealed that clinics and bars did not have the free distributed condoms, putting many lives at risk of having Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Marondera is a hotspot for HIV and other STIs, and nurses have confirmed vendors are taking them in order to produce home-made floor polish so that they can resell it.

Can tough times really lead to such activities?

“Some people are now conniving with employees at our clinics who they bribe to give them condoms in bulk,” a nurse from a council clinic told NewZimbabwe.com, who carried such reports.

“As a result, we have exhausted our current supplies and people in need of them, especially sex workers are failing to get their regular supplies,” she said.

The floor polish made from condoms is seemingly popular with housewives because of its shine and better smell.

But for sex workers, this shortage of the free condoms is not good at all. Absolutely disastrous.

But anyway, this is what vendors are doing with condoms in Zimbabwe.

Putting lives at risk, too

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