The Word Guerrillas Protest Poetry Journal( PENS SHAPE THE STRUGGLE) is a sister journal to the BRAVE Voices Poetry Journal published by the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign in conjunction with Tuck Magazine ,Canada. The Word Guerrillas Protest poetry journal will bring to you poetry that protest against corruption , human rights abuses ,violence and continued kleptomaniac tendencies as perpetuated by the Mugabe family , Mugabe , Zanu PF and other FAT CATS in the present government . The journal is in solidarity with those who seek for the death of dictatorship and the hold on to power of a greedy and looting Mugabe regime.


Harare tonight you sleep a full sleep, may be
after a sunset of a nationalist and democrat table talk
cactus and roses blooming together
your sunshine eaten by rough talk and hate verbs
pavements designed by banana peels and potholes extended from
robot less highways
that beggar still linger around the freedom corner/Julius Nyerere avenue
the blind woman grioting around liberation street/Herbert Chitepo

Bulawayo your sacredness is bound
by bones of Mzilikazi and breath of Lobengula
place of killing , dissidents and innocents
died when bullet wind swept your nights
tell me how many times you coughed blood
a place of kings , Ntabazinduna


your intestines pregnant with gold ,copper , iron and more
heart of the nation
where soils heave with wealth
crocodiles depleted your dignity
leopards stole the color of your rhythm
flex your muscles and claim your heartbeat

Masvingo Ezimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe,pride robbed
Changamire and Mutapa turning their in magic stones
inflation eroded your pride
corruption rode your back
blood corroded your dignity
cry for a ceremonial cleansing
land of sacred , land of rituals
land of silence


mist of Inyanga sneeze glee and laughter in your back
while Chimanimani cough out threats and thoughts
lungs of Marange choking with diamonds
corrupted fields
defamed wealth
here in the land of the east , i see
the scarred face of the sun
chopped breasts of the moon

villagers tired of toyi toyi
patriots damned by hunger
peasants freezing in propaganda
revolutions eating kindergartens
butcheries of human flesh
winter elections erected poverty.


i see uniform less children trudging through
winter corridors, barefooted
you are colder than Joburg,though emotions
boiled during elections
cockroaches breeding other cockroaches in
once midlands hotel
emptiness , hunger ,cold and thoughts
city of progress , rewrite your progress


death threatened even the dead and their shadows
when struggle returned back to war
on the road again fighting enemies of the state their sons
perfume of human flesh roasting in charcoal of violence
March was cruel than April
this season was a parody of Nazi Hitler

I like how Zambezi vomit fish
crocodiles eating rot and sun
hippos dancing the moonshine
Zambia whispering copper in your ears
you are regaining your light.
let fabrics of madness bleach in acid of reason

Mbizo Chirasha- Founder ,Editor, Promotions Executive at Large of the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign(Brave Voices Poetry Journal) , Poets Free Zimbabwe( Miombo Publishing Journal) and PENS SHAPETHE STRUGGLE( Word guerrillas Poetry Journal)


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