winky ft gemma mugarden

I am playing the song Mugarden for something like the 200th time and feeling like I have not done justice to it. My favorite part is handimbokudyisa muchero, do not judge me yet the muchero is literally an apple, not to think otherwise.

This Gemma’s melody is striking the right codes in my heart and soul. The brittleness in her ‘neniwo gafa’ got me jealousy and probably you too, isn’t it? There is something which people have underrated, her elocution of Shona, so fluent, audible and eloquent. The other major talking points are perhaps the majestic silvery blend, the well measured pitch and the smooth trade of romantic voices.

Gemma has fast become the outright Zimbabwe’s best kept secret. The 24 year old songbird is an acoustic soul singer who broke into limelight in 2016 with her Musarova bigman cover. She plays piano, guitar and trumpet and plies her trade in Cape Town. Some of her career highlights are that she has performed at Sofar sounds in London 2017, as well as performing for the UK’s prestigious music channel ‘Mahogany sessions’ as posted on her site. Gemma is an exciting talented which is on the brink of breaking onto the international scene. Winky D plotted the biggest Valentine’s gift.

The combination worked magic thus the duet is undoubtedly one of the best collaborations in our music industry to date. When the video was first uploaded many thought Gemma was just a white girl probably gracing the visuals but with the realization that she is the one behind the mellifluous voice many were awestruck. I am still looking for best ways to express the prettiness of this extraterrestrial piece and surely the Collins dictionary has failed to satisfy. As I write I felt the need to stop waffling and get down to the purpose of compiling this article.

We have all understood this biblical allusion which has been portrayed, the dreadlocked Adam, the angelic voiced Eve, the controversial snake, the apple (not iPhone) and the Garden of Eden scenery. All in all, the set up was well mastered. The secret to the success of this production is not that Winky D is loved by the youths, it’s not because people are downplaying JP, it’s not that it was on Valentine’s but Gemma was the angel Winky D called for in 2018, Dzika Ngirozi. I am one of Winky D’s staunch followers and tell you what, nobody expected that. When he announced on his timeline we still were not moved until 14th when we plugged earphones and sat down to listen. The song flows throughout with a melody that inserts a need for love in your life, that’s if you are single.

Gemma’s vulnerable voice and romantic lyrics anchor the song, she set the ball rolling for Bigman to play his mastery thus Gemma’s role is primarily subordinate in the plot. In Gemma’s voice lies profound and strong love. The vocabulary in the lyrics is not complicated, we have all noticed, but they exhibit an ideal relationship that everyone would yearn for. You would close your eyes and imagine (imah-jeni) to hear your girl whisper, ‘ndatiite zvataivavarira’ damn! Please mind that these lyrics are clean. She dazzles with her snake, swears that she won’t leave her man, she submits, she assures and most of all vows to stand by her man. Mugarden depicts and paints an ideal partnership.

I am one of those guys who sent their lovers this song to massage low budget valentine’s gifts. Winky D is evidently good but the secret to this hype is Gemma’s exceptional beauty, refined vocals and exquisite lyricism. This hype has overshadowed not only other artists but other contributors such as Oskid productions, the hands behind the rhythm and SOS who directed the video.

So far and at this rate this is arguably the best video in terms of reception, the way the video has amassed over 976K views on YouTube is something not to be overlooked. Alexander Bar had the best words to sum up, ‘Gemma’s voice holds a kind of vulnerability, that is so uniquely, unapologetically raw’. Later. The video is available on youtube, watch and share your views with us:

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