Download winky d - parliament

We love Winky D because when he really hits you with a relevant socio-political message, you deeply feel it.

And this is the right case with the new song he has released called Parliament.

He refuses to be the musician who just stands by, saying nothing, while the country is burning down to ashes. He wants to own the matter, taking it into his own hands.

Winky D in the song Parliament speaks the real issues prevailing in the country, conveying a deep political message and striking an attempt at having a conscious youth.

With the elections now left with a few weeks, this strongly qualifies as one of the themes for the elections.

The way he aptly brings out the daily struggle of the average person in Zimbabwe is clear and poignant.

Like, hey, ‘vote wisely’.

The riddim, called Elders Riddim by T-Man, resonates a strong Dancehall theme, and for ZimDancehall, this is an excellent song really.

Listen to it below and tell us what you think, or download it here:

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