The Zimbabwe T20 tri-series may not go ahead over uncertainty with player allowances and salaries. The Zimbabwe t20 series involves australia and pakistan

Uncertainty continues to threaten the success of the Zimbabwe T20 tri-series involving Australia and Pakistan as player boycotts could be strongly brewing and massive dissatisfaction pervading through the team.

Players are unhappy with the situation at Zimbabwe Cricket, as they are being owed salaries dating back to the Sri Lanka tour last year. Some players remain very adamant that unless their match fees, allowances and salaries are settled, they will make themselves unavailable for the upcoming T20 tri-series scheduled to start on 1 July.

It had been established that some players “understood” the importance of playing in the T20 series, and that they would not be paid until at least July. But again, the players insist that the June 25 demand still remains in place. The players are saying that what they are owed should be settled by June 25.

Zimbabwe Cricket acknowledge the gravity of the situation and they say that they are doing all they can to fix this precarious situation. In a comment to ESPN CrinInfo, Zimbabwe Cricket said that it was “top priority,” to settle its bills and would begin processing payments. Since then, the players have received one month’s worth of salary but are still owed another two, as well as the long-overdue match fees.

The players are resurrecting their players’ association which became defunct in 2015, and their representative is Gerald Mlotchwa. On the other hand, Zimbabwe Cricket appointed Vince van der Bijl as a consultant to assist in plotting the way forward.

There have been allegations of political name-dropping as revealed by H-Metro editor Larry Moyo in his tweets.

And this one

And the strong warning on the issue of political name-dropping

With all this uncertainty, will the Zimbabwe T20 tri-series involving Australia and Pakistan go ahead? Time is running out, and a solution needs to be there.

In any case, we are prepared for a situation where some of the senior players will not be available for the T20 series.

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