Jazz musician and bass guitarist Josh Meck has some soothing music and you may wanna do yourself a favour by lending your ear to his works.

He has done some wonderful works in the past, and this year, it’s all about stepping up the game to new heights, and to new territory. Which is something we like because all we are seeing here is untamed, raw vision and ambition.

And so, there is a new album on the cards. It’s called Fruit Salad.

A launch was held at Alliance Francaise and it was superb. The new level now is taking the album somewhere else. And to do that, another performance is set for Theatre in the Park in due course.

Why we love his music? Taking a Zimbabwean context, it would be safe to say it’s fantastic. There is an elementary understanding of music as an art in his works. A touch of jazz, and some familiar rhythms.

Fruit Salad is an album that combines different rhythms. Different and various vibes. Making the name of the album an apt one.

Below is a track he did with Tytan. It’s part of Fruit Salad. It’s a nice jam, and have a listen to it below:

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