Every nation has its own history, and the history of Zimbabwe has been carved from the advent of colonialism and the liberation wars that ensued. It is still relevant that we celebrate what the fallen heroes did for us.

The selfless attitude that was exuded by all those who fought in the liberation war is remarkable and very noteworthy. Their acts of bravery despite facing mounting ruthlessness from the settler regime are why we enjoy the freedom we have today. The freedom we have today did not come on a silver platter. It was availed to us through efforts on the battlefield and on the table.

There are some who may despise the holiday, but if they truly and deeply understand what the country would be like if the entrenched colonialism was not dismantled then they would think otherwise. We needed the freedom.

It is however sad to note that our liberators have become our oppressors. Zimbabwe has reached another stage where the citizens yearn for another kind of freedom. We got the freedom in 1980, but not everyone was empowered. There is still suppression and repression being executed at the hands of those who have decided to distort the perceptions of freedom to suit their own parochial agendas.

Despite how the concept has been flawed, it is still worth it to celebrate Heroes Day, because we needed the freedom. We got the flag independence, we now want the economic independence.

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