Okay! Okay! Okay! Takura’s new offering, entitled, Relationship Goals EP is a project that taps into the inner love we all have deep inside us and dare I say it’s good!

In a broad sense, Zimbabwean hip hop has seen a shift in focus where artists aren’t afraid to try new things out. We’ve seen it happen multiple times, as hip hop artists in Zimbabwe have left the stereotypical 808’s and bass-bangin beats to encompass a number of other genres and create a new sound. RGEP does this fully, although one would be justified for wanting at least one bass-bangin hit.

The afro-elements employed by producer YoungNash, who handled production on the effort, keep you on your feet throughout the duration of the album (or at least your head swaying and your shoulders shimmying like you’re Drake if you’re as lazy as I am.) The only downside is the slight monotony of the EP. Knowing Takura’s history, you’d be forgiven for expecting a trap song on the project but he seems to have stuck solely to this and maybe we’ll see more trap later on.

In a nutshell, Relationship Goals EP does what it sets out to do: tell a series of love stories. Tracks like “Usayende” reinforce the love in a relationship in the bleak times and “I Want You” looking at the less fateful and more carefree days of a relationship. This message of love and life that heavily influences Mr. Okay Okay Okay’s offering is one we can take in and live to the best of our ability! Well done.

Review in a Single Sentence (RSS):

The project’s a sum total of what could only be called “Festive Season Lovin!”

You can stream his EP here to come up with alternative views:

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