Bazooker zve iwe madirirano

By Takudzwa Kadzura 

It has fast become an instinctive trait in our music industry to compare artists whilst downplaying the less likeable. Mangoma Depot houses the best upcoming Zimdancehall artists and to put it better, the most promising talent in the music industry in Zimbabwe.

You can safely place a bet on Poptain, Pumakol, Hwinza and Epatan that they will certainly rise just like Bazooker and Enzo Ishall who are the leading chanters from Chillspot Records, the Zimdancehall headquarters. Dancehall is a borrowed phenomenon from the Caribbean Islands, a place where love, peace and unity are pillars in the Rastafarian doctrines which local chanters would love to resemble in their music. The case is different with the fans.

Firstly, fans probed into how Chillspot distribute resources after malicious gossips that they unfairly pushed Enzo further than Bazooker. This was successfully justified by the Chillspot family co-founder Fantan who explained that it’s actually customers who request Enzo more, thus in return the Stallion brings more to the stable hence the distribution is justified. Had Enzo Ishall been big headed and lost reason, he surely would have left the stable. Blot did that.

We have checked on YouTube, every Enzo Ishall release has been met with a ‘Bazooka is better comment’. I would believe fans have missed Sting and they are baying for blood. One would wonder how Enzo has lost the love, puzzling. Probably he had to relax a bit, yes we need ‘hit after hit’ but that has resulted in monotony of his sound and a bit of duplication in his products. Bazooker on the other side is a likeable, cool and composed. He is arguably the best in terms of word play no wonder he is inspired by Soul Jah Love.

Okay, now to Helmet riddim. Everything has melted. The Bazooker camp is proud and satisfied. Bazooker grabbed the helmet, wore it and firmly stood as the foreman. The Umdala Wethu song brings a new flavor to Zimdancehall, it marinates the cultural bridge in the genre and lifted the tribal barriers that is Mashona and Ndebele. You just have to get it, it’s a special and sizzling track. However, it hurts to use the word flop, I won’t. Fans are saying Enzo was below par and Bazooker was miles ahead, it’s evidenced by YouTube views of 11k against 4.4k.

On Wanna Be riddim it was the same story, Bodo seemed to have had a better reception than Enzo’s Chimbondisiya and Bazooker produced a lovely video to it. On that matter fans have pushed Bazooker’s game, he’s super talented and creative but at the expense of the Stallion, a NAMA nominee for 2018. The worry remains, should we always compare artists?

Another artist’s rise should not come through downplaying a fellow in the game. We believe there is no tension and there shouldn’t be. Let them rise. A good suggestion is that they should drop a collaboration.

The conclusion is Helmet riddim might be what Bazooka fans needed to ascertain their claims that he is better than Enzo Ishall. For us it remains subjective. Comparisons make growth but shouldn’t harm another man’s grind. Let Jah lead the way.

We love Zimdancehall! You can listen to the track Umdhala Wethu here and share with us what you think.

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