Nib crouch ft mc chita - fake friends

Do you trust your friends? Who are your real friends? Do they have your back? See, those ‘frienemies’, aha. Are those your real Gs?

These are the questions that Nib Crouch and MC Chita tackle in their new joint, “Fake Friends”. It is a song that talks about fake friendships, and has a message that is easily relatable.

Some parts on the song seem to have strained vocals, but the deeper you get in with the message, the more you like the song.

And we like the sound.

Nib Crouch said, “If you play this song with your so-called friends, it will probably cause awkward moments, because it will get you to think about how real your friendship is. We all have fake friends maybe you know them already, or you’ll know them later. Remember, there is a Judas in every crew , so it urges people to cut off unnecessary friends.”

We agree.

Listen to Fake Friends by Nib Crouch and MC Chita below and tell us what you think:


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