Pic: Youth Village

This year’s Shoko Festival was themed YouTopia, and the theme was a befitting one, in light of everything that took place at one of the biggest urban and youthful festivities in the country.

From the hip hop night right up to Peace In The Hood, we loved everything. From the Hub Unconference to Soul Jah Love’s performance, the feeling was faboulous. Shoko Fesival 2017 was a beautiful spectacle.

Below are a few things that especially got our attention:

1. The TechHub

Creatives got the chance to hear their matters being tackled and being addressed. We loved everything that had to do with online activism and the use of video in speaking our story. And especially the part where they specifically addressed satire.

2. Friday Hip-Hop night

The headline act for the Hip-Hop night was Emtee. His performance was decent, and people loved what he did on stage. They sang along to the songs, it was an urban movement brought to life. Other acts for the Hip-Hop night included Ti Gonzi, Tulk Munny, Guluva Se7en and Cal_Vin. They gave lovely performances and their connection with the audience was simply and amazingly wonderful.

3. The Zim Hip Hop Summit

The inaugural Zim Hip Hop Summit was an overwhelming success. The abundance of ideas and debate that flowed as proceedings went on showed people with a passion for the betterment of the movement. It was a pleasure seeing various stakeholders converging at one place with one common objective. Many things could still be improved, but this one was a huge success. The conversations were of a nicely constructive manner, and hopefully artists, managers, producers and everyone else picked important lessons.

4. The Saturday Comedy Night

The theme of political jokes from the Friday Comedy Night carried on into the Saturday night. Saturday got particularly special because of the headline act, Mpho Popps. Mpho teemed with overflowing humour. Mpho had an awesome night, he managed to keep the crowd laughing. Mandla da Comedian was also excellent, with his funny imitation of our president Robert Mugabe’s voice. Tinaye and Gonyeti also showed their impeccable skills when it comes to stand-up comedy. It was simply a beautiful night.

5. The atmosphere

A jovial, exuberant, light-hearted and humourous atmosphere that engulfed the place in a splendid manner. The human interactions were just awesome. The feeling of Youtopia was very real, and worth relishing.

A big shout-out to the event organisers for delivering such an awesome event!


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