As I scroll back and forth on my instagram timeline. I noticed that Gemma Griffiths featured on a new song called ”murudo” with Tapfuma Katedza aka Charlie Kay who’s based in the UK. In that moment I got excited.


I went on to do my FBI background check to see what’s happening. Both parties had posted the same video on their Instagram pages which gave me more goosebumps. The song or maybe video is  to be released soon as the artists stated on their pages. Due to excitement, I went to check on Youtube,iTunes and Spotify for the song but it wasn’t available. Few minutes later I got a notification that Charlie Kay had posted a video on his youtube channel as I had subscribed to his channel, guess which video popped up?? ”The supposedly soon to be released murudo video.”

Okay wait!What’s going on here?? The song or video is supposed to be released soon and both parties didn’t state a date for the release but here I am watching the video. I even tweeted the link to the video on my twitter page. After I played the video twice on youtube then boom the video was no longer available. My emotions were played with and I deserve answers.

Sources say the song was uploaded sometime ago and it was removed. The video was uploaded and got removed as well. What happened to specific release dates? What happened to PR or official websites for information?If it’s soon then don’t upload and get us excited. Just post a link out of nowhere.

The song is amazing and it doesn’t need this kind of drama.

Charlie Kay we love your vibe. We wish you nothing but success. Please don’t play with our emotions like that. We can’t wait to hear the song as we wait with our RTGS to purchase it.

”Murudo” to be released soon all platforms. Be on the lookout follow @charliekaymuzik for more information

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