Of late, Vimbai Zimuto has been that woman who has not been afraid of being body-positive. Her nude art pictures being posted on her social media accounts have attracted all sorts of comments.

But she seems to have taken it too far.

Honestly, who does this? Even those who have vociferously defended her could find this difficult to defend. It’s just so wrong. But Vimbai seems unfazed by all that.

A huge pool of thought would postulate that this is attention-seeking 101. Kutsvaga attention nedemo. Conveying a condolence message in this state; just not so appropriate.

While some may have been proud of her body-positive image, Vimbai Zimuto could be losing the plot now. This latest move undermines any defence that one could mount for her.

But that’s just that.

What are your thoughts about this?


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