If you are an ardent follower of Zim Hip Hop, and of Tehn Diamond specifically, you would know that he is a wholesome artist, in the right sense of the word. And here, speaking his concern over how the creative industry has been like in the country, we get an incisive insight into his thoughts on this.

It can be said with the highest degree of confidence that the address is laden with some emotions, as the real picture of the creative industry in the country is brought to light. Tehn starts with a perception on life, a perception which will later build into a solid argument. Because you see, art is the quintessential element that ultimately brings the spice to break the monotony and routine which our lives are subjected to.

The past and present is shaped by the arts, by the creatives. That is life. And that is where creatives matter in life. Because creatives bring meaning to life. What they portray brings meaning to life.

So, the creative nation of Zimbabwe should matter, like really really matter. The sad part is that it has been neglected, resigning to its own dereliction to which it is awaiting its resuscitation. Creativity has mattered since time immemorial. The liberation war was shaped by the musicians that gave meaning to the struggle.

We pretty much like what Tehn Diamond says here. The way he brings out the glorified importance of music, and of art in essence, is simply superb. Talk of how he rants over how our artists have been disregarded by the people they strive to give meaning to. Jah Prayzah, Ammara Brown, Trevor Dongo.

Pretty clear that the state of the creatives is not in a good shape. Despite the love creatives have in delivering their work to the people, not enough appreciation is reciprocated. And the emotion is really palpable.

Zim Hip Hop can draw some important lessons here. Producers, artists, painters, dancers, everyone can benefit here. The other important thing Tehn Diamond brings to the fore is the centrality of identity in line with creativity.

And well, he has to promote his brand, Tisu Ngoda Dzacho. Tehn Diamond is up to something. There is untamed ambition in his address. Because Tisu Ngoda Dzacho is pan-African in nature.

Remember also that Tehn said one day he would want to run for president. Well.

Your thoughts may be in line with what we have provided you here. But, watch the video below and reach your own verdict on the state of the creatives in Zimbabwe:

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