All we can say is that this video is an “ability extension video.” Clearly the fine abilities of Nick and Nutty O are brought to the fore, in an unequivocal manner.

Nick has been doing extremely well when it comes to videos, especially when one considers the fact that he is new in this. The way his videos are directed show clearly how he is determined to deliver quality to those who follow him.

Killa is a video that speaks undoubtedly of how Nick is slowly getting exceptional. The visuals are simply on point. Nothing is amiss.

The video is one that makes you look for all of Nick’s music. His art is just superb. Add to that Nutty O’s creativity and talent, we have a super-brilliant video.

There’s an enticing touch of affluence in the video that goes well with the content of what’s being sung.

And the club setting.

This is a video you have to watch.

You may have divergent views, watch the video beow and tell us what you think about this specially-termed ability extension video:

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