Nash Milli ft Lynn Chie - All Night (Zim Hip Hop)

Ever since Nash Milli sang My Lady with Natasha Muz last year, we knew he is not someone to sleep on.

If you are sleeping on him, it’s time you re-consider your thoughts.

His song titled All Night is one that urgently captures the attention of any listener. With the help of Lynn Chie, All Night is a concatenation of various sounds ranging from RnB to pop and it has a true urban feel for any young population, really.

It has a soothing sound, and at the same time it has an admirable groovy sound too.There’s a powerful combination of the voices of Nash Milli and Lynn Chie that is just too hard to ignore.

And even Nash Milli’s rap is something you can afford to pay attention to. Not really the epitome of any good rap, but you can deal with it.

We wouldn’t dissuade anyone from listening to the song.

Listen to the song below,your thoughts could be different:

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