On a lighter note, the letter V is dominating here, starting with the fact that it’s so exciting to be the voice over and Voltmeter to Woke Up Like This visuals. Looking into this youngster’s vocation, the first thing you meet is a lot of energy in all his deliveries an attribute that is crucial in trap and I would Vociferously recommend that you give Voltz some space on your playlist. Right from the onset the introduction ‘magetsi in the building’ and some of the lines ‘mpfana anobvirisa booth’ further pokes your imagination. Perhaps it’s the Vodka nema ice that inspires Voltz to Vomit these hard hitting yet authoritative bars.

Voltz is the Virtual representation of a powerful and original trapper in the Zim Hip Hop arena. His latest delivery with the one Mac Fox – Woke up like this – Verifies the above sentiments. Enough of the V’s. Hip hop remains a borrowed phenomenon and hence it continues to carry an international feel. Trap is a fast grown and latest offspring of this genre. Takura may have localized trap but he has grown bigger and wider as a versatile hip hop artist. Nkosilathi Sibiya is here at the age of 20 setting the pace and fully reaping from the trap market gap. He entered the scene with Masinhi and since then nobody doubted his capabilities.

Local musicians have been castigated for faking impressions in their videos but that’s only if you fail to live up to the billing. This is not the case with this youngster. The Woke Up Like This video is colorful from the start, well-choreographed and the lyrics align remarkably with the visuals that means you can easily identify the storyline intended. The ghetto lingo and the flashy video is a dimension that caters for both target groups that is the uptown kids and us the high density suburb youths. Macfox’s short-lived verse spiced up the whole production with his comic presence, well done.

The track can surely make it to your weekend starter pack and should surely be a club banger. The Jecha Trap originator seems to be the trap MVP if these strides are to be consistently maintained and he assures us ‘handipererwe nemaskill’. The future remains bright for the youngster who is yet to disappoint in making videos and we hope to get an EP or album in the future.

Oh, and the video was shot at the University of Zimbabwe!

Also, Natasha Muz came in with those backings on the chorus.

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