Ti Gonzi mabazooka enzo nemapumacol video

Ti Gonzi is not stopping, fam. He is not stopping. Ever since the deadly attack, he has come back stronger.

And he released the video for the song Mabazooka, Enzo Nemapumacol. It’s a song that has some hard-hitting bars,clever metaphors and evokes a sense of true hip-hop. You can never expect what Ti Gonzi does with his bars. They are just powerful like that.

But more importantly is the broader message coming out of the newly released video, brought to life Director X Leoy V (what a brilliant director he is, by the way). The video  unites Zim Hip Hop and ZimDancehall together. The chorus of the song makes allusions to Enzo Ishall, Bazooka and Boss Pumacol, who are high-flying ZimDancehall artists. And to make it really worthwhile, these 3 ZimDancehall artists feature in a Zim Hip Hop video.

We love that.

This is the type of unity that is needed.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think:

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