Ti Gonzi says that he sings hipu hopu yeku ghetto not hip hop. Ti Gonzi is a good zim hip hop artists
Ti Gonzi

Booyz! ‘handichade present chete ndakuda neFuture’. We presume the ‘present’ he meant is rightly before they dropped Kure with Ishan. Now the future is here, Imwe Mbeu has sprouted from the fertile soils of mediocrity and is now a big tree. That tree which elephants in the game cannot trample and cut down.

Kure is on its way to a million views and is the best performing Zim Hip Hop song thus far. Dr Mtukudzi pointed out Tocky Vibes as one dancehall artist he would sacrifice his time and vibe with. This is so because of the originality possessed by Tocky. When it comes to Zim Hip Hop, who matches Ti Gonzi when it comes to originality? He is a contemporary cultural icon despite being a hip hop artist and that’s remarkably unique. I wouldn’t want to put words in Tuku’s mouth and declare that he would have chosen Ti Gonzi as his favorite Zim Hip Hop artist but when the subject is on originality he’s up there with Tocky Vibes as the best candidates. Their videos are so loveable, real and carry a Zimbabwean story.

He is famous for consistently dishing out hard hitting and the most unexpected bars. I would ashamedly share with you that I’m one guy who used not to find anything amusing in his music but thank heavens l found the light and a candle loses nothing by lighting another hence we have this article.

The album Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto opened floodgates for Ti Gonzi, the hit song Zvenyu gave him the limelight and today he is poised to grab the throne. Changamire Awards 2018 proclaimed Ti Gonzi as the best hip hop artist and at the Zim Hip Hop Awards they awarded him with the best verse for 2018 off Scream for me. That’s just a bit of his achievements in the game.

Ti Gonzi is a guy who almost lost his life to the wickedness of Harare. The vultures wanted to rob Zim Hip Hop of its most creative artist but they failed, he must have shared with them a few punch lines hence they spared the thought of killing him, perhaps. Let’s not dwell on this incident but well everybody was keen to know about Ti Gonzi after the attack, his tracks might have gained a number of views and downloads during the period thus he earned a lot of love and respect.

In music it’s always a case of influence and fan base, without influence your music will remain undervalued and overlooked. Ti Gonzi has earned influence, the robbery incident is not by any means a blessing, it’s not and his talent was still going to negotiate his way to stardom. The Kure hit is the hip hop leading song in 2019 and competing for space on airplay with giants such as Winky D. This is a huge statement but we cannot make conclusions yet as the year is just a third old.

He celebrated his recovery by giving us a refreshing track with a video that articulates ideas of captivity, darkness and resilience. See, he is speaking darkness and in a white costume. Just like Zimbabweans, we have big dreams and expecting bright futures but the environment is not conducive and hopelessness is the air we are breathing. We have a man of God as portrayed by the long white rob who’s pulling Ti Gonzi from a supposedly possessed evil man. He is stuck in a dilemma, a case of angel and demons all after his life. The visuals are viewer friendly despite the scary moving skeletons.

So, the issue here is if Ti Gonzi is to utilize the love he has earned this year, he is rightly and best placed to rule 2019 and seize kingship.

You cannot find a lot of melody or hype in Ti Gonzi’s art but substance. In Kufamba Murima he repeats ‘ndimbori ani ko ini?’ he probably has to hire me as his backing vocalist so that I scream ‘muri king’ in response to his rhetoric. It is now left to the man who has the arm band in his hands, wear it or pass it on but the whole point is he’s the best placed ZimHipHop artist to win everything this year. Kufamba murima or be the torch bearer, all his choice.

You can listen to Kufamba Murima and tell us what you think as we continue wishing him a steady recovery:

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