Shoko Festival 2018
Pic - Shoko Festival Facebook account

So hey, Shoko Festival came and every bit of it was just awesome. Shoko Festival 2018 was an experience worth enjoying, and worth retelling over and over again.

Here are the three things we loved about the whole festival this year:

1. The Hub Unconference Awards

Apart from the fact that we participated, and did not win, the Awards were really awesome. Every part of the awards was just brilliant. There were lots of excellent ideas being pitched, and even if only four won, every idea was just unique in its own way. Startups in Zimbabwe by young people are doing the most.

2. The Comedy Night

The Comedy Night is something we will always love, no matter what. Because we admire the artistic freedom that freely flows during comedy, and has people in a humorous mood. It’s absolutely nice. Everything about it was good. From Sadza in the Morning podcast guys, to the main act, Farhan Esat, everything was irresistibly awesome. Our local comedy acts are really really cool. They know what they are doing.

3. The Mash-up night

We got to see the headline acts, Moonchild Sanelly and Asaph. They gave lively, electric performances that kept the crowd in their feels. Moonchild really had our attention. She gave it her all. The conflation of various genres during the night really made everything worthwhile. Gospel meeting house, hip hop, to Tamy performing alongside a Norwegian artist, super awesome.

Shoko Festival 2018

Peace in the Hood

The closing of the Festival in Chitungwiza was super fine. Moonchild and Asaph performed again, and really lived up to expectations. Dancehall in Zim got the chance to flourish too, and so did other local acts. It was indeed peace in the hood.


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