King shaddy - the return of danmore adhubula

First thoughts when watching the Return of Danmore video – this dude is super creative and madly talented!

This video shows us the artistic prowess of King Shaddy that made him endearing to the fans in the first place. The story, the dances, the setting, the atmosphere. You know, King Shaddy always knows what he does.

Some have been saying that King Shaddy’s time is over. We would like these people to seriously reconsider such statements. Words like apera. Not finished, manje.

This new work from King Shaddy is woven with a great plot which is easy to follow, a video that keeps you entertained. A video that squeezes a laugh out of you.

It’s the return of Danmore. But is it the full return of King Shaddy into the game too?

Watch the Return of Danmore video by King Shaddy below and tell us what you think:

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