meister ft r peels - vana vacheche
Pic - The ZimTainment

Now this new joint from the talented Meister and R. Peels is a sign of the realness that comes into your music the moment you really embrace where you come from.

Everything in the video Vana Vacheche is authentic and brings the true story of what happens in the ghetto.

It’s a nice video to watch, being given a glimpse of the ghetto in an alluring way. Kinda crude, but alluring way.

If you’re not a fan of weed, this piece of work may come off as a bit of an affront to you. Essentially it glorifies being high and all. So yeah.

But in its entirety, it’s a marvel, that should get a lot of recognition and attention.

Watch Vana Vacheche by Meister and R. Peels below and tell us what you think:


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