Jungle Kid Zim Hip Hop
Jungle Kid

Many haven’t heard the name Jungle Kid, the amazing hip-hop talent hailing straight from Masvingo, Mas Vegas. Jungle is undeniably a repository of exquisite hip-hop intelligence and it is an art that he executes with something close to a mastery of perfection.

The ghetto intelligence that he aptly captures in his powerful and vivid raps is something one cannot afford to ignore. Listening to Jungle takes you through an urban journey – telling the hardships of the ghetto and how gritty urban life is. He is unrelenting in narrating his stories, with each bar he delivers comes truthful stories that grab your attention. It is music you feel.

Jungle Kid, or Jungle Bango Loco, commands a unique knowledge of how to author and deliver vernac raps with flows that are keep you hooked to the song. He incorporates the knowledge of deep Shona to bring out his messages to the core. His stories – whether it’s bragadoccio, ghetto stories, family breakdowns, or how he is the master of his game – are something that are worth listening to. Without any flattering, Jungle Kid is truly a hip-hop gem.

The techniques he employs in his golden, concrete flows are something that would read from a Literature in English textbook. An artistic flair he possesses is something no one can take away from him.

Jungle Kid is a Zim Hip Hop treasure. And the hope is that he blesses us with more beautiful music in 2020.

And he is the guy who stood up to Jnr Brown during the shortlived Jnr Brown/Cal_Vin feud. Such powerful bars he delivered in the song “Tochimhanya.”

A rap genius, undoubtedly! Straight from Dzimba dzemabwe!

You can listen to some of his music on via SoundCloud. 



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