That the Zimbabwe national women’s football team is a brilliant and tenacious one is something you cannot away from them. They accomplish, and then they are neglected. Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA), their custodian, do not take care of these wonderful women.

Which leads us now to that $5 story that was everywhere. It was such a shame. After what they had accomplished, reports that the players were given a measly $5 as allowance surfaced and to be honest, it was beyond appalling.

The Mighty Warriors are neglected by Zifa, despite being a brilliant team.

ZIFA issued a statement later on, in which they did not take responsibility of the debacle nor did they proffer any apology. Instead, blame was shifted to the bad economy (we all know the economy is bad but really?) and that they were now reimbursing their transport allowances. Shocking.

We are talking about a team that lifted Zimbabwe’s flag high during the Rio Olympics in 2016. We are talking about a team which surmounts obstacles to deliver their best performances. And it is apt that they are called the Mighty Warriors.

That episode revealed how ZIFA does not even take care of these players. And it’s not even the first time that such sickening drama has happened. It continues to happen. Why?

What is so difficuult in taking care of these players? What is so difficult with ZIFA fulfilling its mandate to the players?

Defintely, this cannot continue unabated. It is time ZIFA come to their senses, common sense. It’s not difficult to take care of your own players. It’s not. The Mighty Warriors are a wonderful team, and they really really deserve better.

We are still not yet over this, till ZIFA begins to do the right thing.

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