DopeBoy Zim - State of the Mind EP Zim hip hop latest

The EP State of the Mind by DopeBoy Zim is an attestation to a clear mastery of excellent lyrical content with a flair of understanding the deep societal issues that affect us as a nation.

State of the Mind evidently represents the mass of the Zimbabwean youth; working hard, faced with the monstrosity of an unkind political and social system, misfortunes to the youth.

The EP is a call for answers. The EP is a declaration of confidence. It is a professing of mastery. It is acknowledging the odds we face, defying them, and still working hard to afford a decent living.

The opening song Itai Dzamara, based on an allusion to the activist and freelance journalist Itai Dzamara who was a staunch critic of Robert Mugabe’s government but then went missing because of that and has not been found yet, is a clear symbol of how we want answers, how we want change, how we stoically endure the roughness of our own society.

Ndangariro acts as an interlude, on a relatable level, focusing on life’s struggles, conveyed on a personal level. Nhamo, which features VI the Law and Massey is a chronicling of humble beginnings in the ghetto, and how the suffering seems unending. There’s a feeling of being weary with a perpetual cycle of poverty that is not being undone no matter the amount of hard work. It’s a call for more. Grinding relays the simple message: WORK HARD. The EP closes off with the Duppy Freestyle.

For Zim Hip Hop, we would say this is good work. It’s content we can relate to. The EP contains some self-praise themes, well….

You can download or listen to the State of the Mind EP via this Audiomack link.

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