Jah Signal latest music 2018 - Zvipande Zvandiwandira

There was a time when everything in Zimbabwe was easily related to Zim Dancehall. And that was because the genre had made massive waves in the country.

The momentum that the genre was riding somehow receded, and that popularity seemingly fizzled out. But now, there is new talent that has stemmed up, and Zim Dancehall deserves some mention- again.

One of these new artists who have done excellent with the genre is Jah Signal, whose real name is Nicodemus Mutize. He is one of the talented, but somehow one gets the feeling that he is not really appreciated in the amount he rightly deserves.

His vocals depict the real dancehall sensation that any lover of the genre can connect with easily on a true urban, musical feel. His lyrics show an artist who does not rush in doing their projects. And he does come up with some interesting story-lines, even still confined to the usual themes such as self-praise.

Because of that, Jah Signal deserves some real recognition. At least here we feel he is doing justice to Zim Dancehall.

Below are some of his works we believe may capture your attention:



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