Helmet riddim bazooker

So the Helmet Riddim produced by Oskid Productions and T-Man is out and it has received good reception.

The riddim has a hardcore focus, feeding into the new style ZimDancehall has taken since last year. It has a true dancehall feel,and yet retains the Zimbabwean side to it. It is oozing with the mastery possessed by Oskid and T-Man, who are some of the leading music producers in the country.

Helmet Riddim features Bazooker, Bounty Lisa, Enzo Ishall, Dadza D, Master H, Boss Pumakol, Uncle Epaton, X Faya, Hwinza, Ninja Lipsey and many others.

The riddim’s main focus from the fans has been Bazooker’s song Umdala Wethu. The song has really justified the the notion that Bazooker has an excellent flow and rich lyrics. Bazooker plays with some witty bars in the song, adding in a Ndebele touch that has made people rate the song hilarious, clever and very very good.

The riddim also brings to the fore the impressive nature of all the other artists, with Uncle Epaton having a socially-conscious song on it called Tiri Kusuffer. Hwinza, X Faya, Boss Pumakol and Bounty Lisa also had some really good vibes in there.

It’s really an impressive ZimDancehall riddim with good ZimDancehall artists.

Enzo Ishall’s song hasn’t got much reception. It seems as if everyone just rooted for Bazooker on the riddim over him. But well.

You can listen to the Helmet riddim via this link.


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