Enzo Ishall Bhiza Rinoda Mutasvi

If it happens Enzo Ishall stops making music, one thing which the future generations will be told is the fact that his videos never disappointed and his drama acting abilities played a major role in the growth of his brand. He recently dropped a mouthwatering video of his controversial Mutasvi hit. The Zimdancehall chanter is not ashamed of his art and he shouldn’t be, these are survival skills. To whoever that might condemn these songs as dirty or bad influence should remember that this is dancehall and it’s fully justified.

Enzo did a Mo Salah to the local music industry, he came as the surprise artist to challenge and topple the perennial winners Jah Prayzah and Winky D who for close to a decade dominated the industry. Mohammed Salah conquered the premier league and was termed a one season wonder before proving the authors of such allegations wrong. Enzo shares the same narrative after his Kanjiva hit won him the most riveted musical award – best song at the NAMA. He continues to defy odds dropping hits after hits. It’s a very gross exaggeration to bracket him in the same league with the above mentioned kings but for the past year up to this day he deserves a seat in their kingdom.

You remember those Jackie Chan karate and kung fu movies? The same concept is employed, we have the attires, the swords and jungle like geographical setting. A hoarse voiced narrator tells us how the Hatinzarwo crew has kidnapped women from the Ishall community in what could have been a blunder. The busty ladies have their hands tied on the tree branches bringing in Boko Haram illusions. Enzo arrives on his horse armed with a sword the same way he is riding the local music industry to seize his girls. After watching Enzo’s acrobatic fighting and the comic timing, his clientele is left with no doubt that indeed he is a gifted artist in so many aspects.

We have heard the song and what it implies, the twist as expected turns to fulfill what is meant by the lyrics and that is, voluptuous women dancing to the fast hard dancehall beat. This SAP production adds to the many of Enzo’s prolific videos and will add on to his fast developing legacy. Ishall will be remembered for his unique storytelling abilities and also the rich in content videos.

You can watch the video using the link below and share your thoughts with us.

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