Tamy Moyo Kwandinnobva mp3 download

The Tamy of Ndibereke and the Tamy in Tekere would constitute an identity crisis. She is the post traditional version of Chiwoniso Maraire. The new soulful track Kwandinobva reinvents the fact that she’s bridging the cultural gap between the then chat topping afro jazz and the trendy afro pop. Look at the case of Jah Prayzah who wittingly negotiated his way out of the similar jinx, to stick with the cultural Goto type of music or move on with the watora mari style but nonetheless he had to serve both kings. This might as well be a fruitful path for our youthful songbird.

Might be petty but the way she moves and swings is so attractive, if I’m to keep this clean, though she continues to defy odds with impeccably clean visuals. She has brought color to her music videos and that is slowly becoming a Tamy trademark though she will have to explore more avenues in terms of approach to these videos. Thinking that she’s only 21 and the maturity she has is just puzzling, where the heck is she getting those lyrics? She has managed to keep her game smart and appealing hence she’s getting slots on these high profile gigs in town. Kwandinobva amplifies Tamy’s patriotism and strong affiliation towards her motherland Zimbabwe – I’m from Zimbabwe usadherere.

The Shona and English lyrics, the African bangles in her hand, the long and multicolored robes together with the physical setting of the video is a reimbursement of how successful she has been in fusing divergent cultures of modernity and traditional norms of an African society. She’s an African queen with style and we like it. ‘I’m from the city of the restless’ is an accurate reflection of the Harare streets where hustle and resilience define man.

The Tamy and Tamuka combination worked and it has been a success judging by the reception of the production on YouTube. So, here is the queen serving two kings, the young and the old. She’s ripe and ready to invade the cutthroat jungle, the African music safari. We continuously hope she finds consistency and gives us more this year. In this context she has managed to fuse sounds and brought forth a merge that suits all her fans, Kwandinobva is the solution to her dilemma.

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