Tanto Wavie

By Takudzwa Kadzura 

Tanto Wavie might be the Zimhiphop Seh Calaz. Who would deny that? 2013 saw Calaz’s rise largely owing to the Winky D diss track. Talent then worked its magic and today Boss Yala is a household name in the Dancehall arena.

Fast forward 2018, Tanto replicates the same trick, remakes Someone Had To Do it album by Takura to produce his Someone Has To Smoke it. I would hypothetically state out that there were no bad intentions in the first place. Tanto seemed to be getting inspiration from the man at the helm, Mr Okay. Probably Takura needed some respect, he needed Tanto to make an approach but the defiant Tanto had other ideas, he knew he was striking gold.

Jehovah by Takura was a banger, Mr Wavie routinely pimped it and produced Jazzman which made waves. Jazzman gained a good ground, ghetto youths were loving it probably because of the lyrics which impose a marijuana lifestyle Mr Wavie supposedly lives as portrayed in his music. Jazzman was the turning point, the song achieved its intended purpose, it blew up on YouTube and captured Takura’s attention. Tanto claims that Takura’s crew pulled it down, a clear demonstration of frustration.

The Black Vendetta went on to produce Dang Number to continue hanging on Takura and ensure he gains mileage. In an audio which circulated on social media Takura came out guns blazing, downplayed the kid and discredited him. He cleared the air and sarcastically imposed that Tanto would not make it in music. He promised not to engage in a rift with the youngster as he asserted that he would be aiding the youngin to glory. It is quite clear that Tanto cannot compete with the famed Takura, he can’t. Takura is widely loved and respected, he inspires and is not cheap. Tanto started a game he would lose but his loss comes with it a remarkable victory, fame, which he badly sought.

The kid wouldn’t have sustained this long if there wasn’t any talent, he wouldn’t have caught Takura’s attention if he didn’t sound good. Tanto deservedly grabbed the best upcoming artist accolade at the Zimhiphop Awards of 2018. That’s a huge and firm statement here. I started following his music thereafter, I met John Chibadura, a sizzling track, full of content and lively trap with exciting bars. He complemented that with a beautiful video which acutely pays tribute to the late music legend John Chibadura, he must be smiling at this.

Still on John Chibadura, Mr Wavie takes a swipe at Takura which people loved. As the video opens he replaces a cassette labeled 2.Noise and places another written 1.John chibadura. We all know what that means. He also dropped a track called Someday which is a cool response to the Takura diss, he believes he’s going to make it regardless of people downplaying and trash talking his grind.

Takura cannot lose to Tanto but the kid is winning and reaping from Takura. Now that the fame is here for Mr Wavie, it’s high time he capitalizes on it. The Takura jibes and hit song john chibadura have already set the ball rolling, the hype is here so let’s see how the Black Vendetta is going to utilize it.

Find some of his songs on his YouTube channel. Remember to hit us with your own views.

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