Tamy first broke onto the scene with her single Ndibereke Tsoka and since then nothing has stopped her from fully exploring herself and spreading her wings.

Tamy has released a new single titled Ndyeke. In the song produced by Chiweddar, she goes at depth to reveal the story of a girl who has been a victim of a heartache. The track opens with the girl’s lover asking for forgiveness and a second chance. From the self-explanatory lyrics, the boy’s pleas seem to be futile. The girl is tired of being lied to and she has had enough of it.

Ndyeke means “let me go.” In the song, the girls has had enough, has sacrificed her everything only to be greeted with such a heartbreak. She has reached the boiling point and asks to be let go. The song has deep, soulful instrumentals truly embodying the themes of unrequited love, dejection and disappointment. Add to that Tamy’s amazing vocals, the track is set to be rocking the airwaves massively.

It is that one song that touches one’s heart. It is that song that has a true emotional appeal to the listener. It is a wonderful track.

Listen to Ndyeke below:


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