We can make one thing clear here: We are huge fans of Tamy. Until Jesus comes.

Talk about laying it all down for your lover.

Tamy has just released her first single of the year titled Lay It Down and in simple terms it is endearing, and it is a jam. It has all the qualities that can make it burst into a fully-fledged urban hit.

And the most important part? It features Nutty O! See, ABX is the guy who has mastered the art of Dancehall in the country. He has this unique ability to blend in his Dancehall into any kind of collaboration.

So what we have here is carefully crafted blend of RnB and Dancehall, which is nothing but melodious.

You cannot resist Nutty O’s dancehall accent. And you cannot resist Tamy’s sweet vocals.

And for this to have meaning, they had to rope in the services of Chiweddar, who is excellent at his thing. Tamy bases her story on some sort of a sacrificial note of love, which is still awesome. When you can lay down anything, well…..

And, there is an igniting moment of raw chemistry in the song.

It’s a lovely song, in all fairness.

Your thoughts on the song could be different, listen to it below:

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