Switche - Life between worlds ep

When young artists expressly, and explicitly profess the fact that they are driven by a deep passion for hip hop in their music, we feel proud.

This is the story told by Switche, in his EP Life Between Worlds. It’s basically a work revealing a young artist who is speaking his thoughts as they are, who is telling his story in his rise, and how he wants to further pursue the hip hop dream. A story about not giving up on the game, and continuoulsy proving his talent.

Switche is a talented artist and one of the elements we love in his music is the intricate art contained in hip hop. He is pushing a certain boundary. There is quality sound, quality effects, and honestly, it’s one piece of work you cannot disprove from this upcoming artist.

He really is focused on the music. It will be interesting to watch the rise of Switche. Because there’s loads of talent and potential.

He does it for the passion. He speaks to the conscience. And that’s hip hop.

Switche enlisted the services of producers LIBERAXE, YxngChxro, Andy Stylish and BRETT J, resulting in a high quality end-product.

Switche didn’t come into the game for the money and the fame, but is just driven by the passion to speak his mind. That’s what we love. And we hope he keeps on moving on the same trajectory. Cause that would be greatness. There’s just a lot ahead of him.

You can listen/download to the EP Life Between Worlds here.

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