sunsets and suicides, mental health in men

Takudzwa Goniwa, also known as TearsintheSoil, has taken a bold move as he has brought the issue of mental health in men to light through his spoken word piece of art titled Sunsets and Suicides, produced by VI The Law.

It is a very poignant, hard-hitting, evocative piece of work that revolves around the mind of a male adult who is suffering from depression.

Mental health in men hasn’t really got the traction it should have, and TearsintheSoil did a splendid work on this one.

Sunsets and Suicides is his pilot project, and it is a spoken word EP that delves into the mind of the mentally ill male person.

The Project was born as a result of the silence prevailing in our society in relation to mental health issues specifically in men.

What we really liked was the awesome work done by VI The Law in bringing the whole project to life, with all the effects and touches that make it sound very much realistic and speak straight to the heart and the mind.

You can listen to Sunsets and Suicides via this link

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