After a string of poor performances from the Sables in the Africa Gold Cup, the Sports and Recreation Commission has found it befitting to suspend the Zimbabwe Rugby Union Board.

The decision to suspend the whole board excludes the Chief Executive Officer who is also the Secretary General, according to the letter sent to the ZRU by the SRC. The major reasons cited for this decision include the continued deterioration of the state and administration of rugby as evidenced by the poor performances in the Africa Gold Cup, that there is completely the absence of unity of purpose by the Rugby System.

The board did not adhere to the provisions of the SRC Act by wilfully note seeking clearance of the women’s team which toured Francistown. There has been failure to accommodate visiting men and women teams (the Zambian national teams).

The letter goes on to say that the executive board had ceased to operate as one unit and as such fissures were the order of the day.

It is yet to be seen what will happen from this point.

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