naka dhula dhaka

By Donald Gwasira

Zimbabwes irresistible bad boy Soul Jah Love is yet to release his most anticipated album “Naka Dhula Dhaka” on the 29th of September at Takashinga Sports Club, Highfields.

Dancehall streets are excited because of the title and it is trending amongst his fans. Recently, he was allegedly to be bent on drug abuse in some publications but he has stood his ground ever since “Ndini Uya Uya” that nomatter what people say, he has his eyes set on the price.

In an interview, he talks of an interesting comparison, “I wish you could be me but I can’t make it happen but if you knew what I went through then you would know that I don’t have an option other than doing what I’m suppose to do”.

His statement shows that the artist also has time to think of lyrics which relate to every typical Zimbabwean.

On the album launch fans will get a chance to hear his piece of life before he was “Makuruwani” up until he became “Chibaba” (the boss/leader) of Conquering Music.

Artists like Dadza D, Silent Killer,SkillFull Tounge etc are going to be part of the performance at the album launch.

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