Soul Jah Love - national disaster

Cyclone Idai ravaged three countries in Southern Africa: Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. And in Zimbabwe, Chimanimani suffered extensive damage from the incessant, violent torrential rains that took away everything.

Reflecting on the damage and suffering brought to Chimanimani by Cyclone Idai, Soul Jah Love delivered a very heartfelt song titled National Disaster. In the song, he laments about the untold suffering that the people of Chimanimani are facing, the people who died, and the people who lost everything.

“Why nhai Mwari why waita Cyclone Idai.”

These powerful words from the chorus that encapsulate the whole tone and mood of the song were said over a slow, melodious beat; with some influences from the beats Cde Chinx used to utilize. It’s very deep. A soft song that makes you think about the horrors some people have to go through.

Bad Company Records brought the song to life with the soft beat.

It’s just good music.

Listen to National Disaster by Soul Jah Love below and tell us what you think:


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