Mlue Jay ft MC CHITA - Lame (look at me now) Zim Hip Hop reviews by zimsphere

There’s always this narrative that hip hop artists love to stick to. You used to look down on them, now they’re successful and almost everyone is listening to them.

This is the story in the song Lame (Look at me now) by Mlue Jay and MC Chita. Done on some laid back beat, the story of some relative success is well laid out, in almost clear terms.

It has been often said that MC Chita exudes a form of versatility that allows him to work with any artist. The collaboration here with Mlue Jay is seamless.

The song could have delivered more in terms of lyrical substance, but dealing with what’s there, it’s not a bad song.

For Mlue Jay, things have been getting fine. His grind is getting some traction. No wonder why he chooses to sing about this.

Lame is a song for the hip hop heads who like to tell their story through the conventional lens.

You can stream/download the song via this link. 

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