Binga fish pond opened by first lady

Zimbabwean politics can get exhausting, in all honesty. And yet, at the same time, these people really give you something that makes you shake your head in complete disapproval.

Zimbabwe’s first lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa, officially opened a fish pond, that was incomplete at Manyanda Secondary School in Binga last week. One may even wonder what makes a person of high stature like her do such things.

There has been widespread criticism around this. The first lady wants to focus on the fish pond bringing income for families through fish farming, but the Chief in Binga does not agree with this.

Chief Pashu, whose real name is George Nyathi, argues that the fish pond serves no meaningful purpose. His argument is that “it was not sustainable because of a shortage of water in the area and called for the building of an irrigation dam instead.”

According to the chief, the fish pond is incomplete, and there is insufficient water from the borehole. The fish are dying, thus being vastly depleted because of the hot weather.

The Chief raised some strong points of criticism. He said that the fish pond is made of a heat absorbing black plastic and is likely to be damaged since it is not fenced so animals looking for water can easily get in. Children are also at risk of jumping or falling in the water, which could be deadly for them.

But why would the first lady do this? Why would she stoop  so low? It’s ZANU-PF anyway. You’ve probably reached your verdict already.

This is Zimbabwe.

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