Bruce Grobbelaar eyes political career in Zim

Now it is pretty much clear Bruce Grobbelaar is targeting a political something in Zimbabwe you know. He seems serious about it.

He revealed to the The Guardian that he received a telephone call from President Emerson Mnangagwa ahead of the pair’s meeting next month as he steps up his plans to venture into politics. The intent, you know.

“He (Mnangagwa) said: ‘Hello, Jungleman, how are you?'” Grobbelaar told English newspaper The Guardian in a wide-ranging interview on Monday.

When he launched his autobiography “Life in a Jungle” last month, he made it crystal clear that he would join politics.

“I’m going back (to Zimbabwe) in November. As I told him, I would love to be the ambassador to sport, recreation and reconciliation. I still have a lot of hope for Zimbabwe and I would like to make a difference.”

“I’m going back to Zimbabwe for a function on November 10 and, while I’m there, I’ll be sitting down with the sports minister Kirsty Coventry (the former Olympic swimmer),” he told Liverpool Echo publication.

“Then I will, hopefully, see president Emmerson Mnangagwa. I need to have a word with him and I’d like to get into the political side. We’ll see what happens with that.”

If you are to do that, Bruce, we wish you the best of luck then. It seems you really want this thing.


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