Bring back the dignity of our flag and the sweet taste of our freedom,
Bring back sons and daughters, who kissed charcoal in violence festivals,
Bring back our gold, you buried our gold under the bushel of greediness, Today we buy life with tissue paper,
Your tiny belly is full, with our gems you tainted with your blood palms,
Rain is coming, Beware! the fall of your sandy castle, African Napoleon,
Your lips spit vitriol, shrinking dreams of generations to come,
Your violent tongue burning forests once dangling with fruits of peace,
Children are fat with breakfasts of scorching verbs and suppers of acidic idioms,
On this earth freedom starts from you and end you with your disgracing parrot , whose eyes glitter with death and breath hot with hatred,
Sit down African Napoleon, Rain is coming, Beware of your hammer of clay
Bring back the summer of our dreams and the spring of our freedom before we bring the rain.

You are disease that blighted the flowers of our freedom,
You are the cancerous scar that wiped love from our now violent smitten faces,
Bring back the ballot you stole amidst the charcoal of thuggery, bring back the smiles to mothers who lost their seeds in the winter of death,
You are a gangrene elections cannot heal , we need a godly ointment to wipe this your Napoleon caused , autocratic syphilis, our country is no longer fertile of democracy, Hegemony sterilised the manhood of the state and kleptomania itch the womanhood of our country,
Sit Down African Napoleon!
Rain is coming, Beware! Of your glass head
You saliva is hot with gossip, your throat burns with hatred, your legs tremble with fear,
Every Napoleon is a coward, who always walk puppies to bush, vicious puppies you reward with mustard and canines, when they age, you do the Stalin or the Adolf!

This land is not an Animal Farm or a Pig Sty
We cannot groan, roar, bellow and grunt forever
We are tired of digging filth! It is a land, whose colours of the flag carry the hopes of poverty scorched villagers you kill with your rough palm of greediness( bring back our gems you tainted with blood), This land is for me, for you and others, it’s not for you alone.
Sit Down African Napoleon!
You who have soiled the diapers of the revolution,
You who have soiled the pampers of freedom
You who soiled the napkins of peace
You who have broken catheters of life.
You who smash the bones, crunch the flesh, gobble the marrow and swig the blood of the land alone!
Sit down African Napoleon! Rain is coming.

By Mbizo Chirasha- Originator/Instigator of the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign (Brave Voices Poetry Journal, Word Guerrillas Protest Poetry and Poets Free Zimbabwe blogjournal)

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