Jah Signal Ishe Video

Jah Signal deserves to be where he is right now. He even deserves more. The Sweetie hit maker continues to inspire with his rags to riches narrative. There is a lot to love about this youthful and energetic chanter who is also famous for his lively stage presence, importantly the trademark jumps. Jah Signal is a powerful vocalist and his thick voice is that of a chorister who can always lead you in any of your favorite hymns.

It continues to be a puzzle for people who disregard these youngsters for what they sometimes portray in their music and for instance the Stonyeni hit song. This Ishe track is almost a church song, an eye witness account and confession as well from his experiences in the industry. We all know this music jungle and all the profanities associated with it. The lyrics communicate a deep and well thought out prayer to the Almighty. Oh Lord! Signal’s prayer is a Zimbabwean prayer, we’re sinning zvinodzimbira mavanga emwanakomana and it feels deep.

Jah Signal appears in a sparkling religious outfit, kneels and appeals to the Lord in excellently executed gestures. This concept depicts a real life setting where we sometimes want a few minutes, locked in a room to have a dialogue with the Most High and tell him all about it.

This Cymplex production will market and improve Signal’s chances in the religious space and also clear his brand from the negativity that comes as a result of sexually provocative songs.

Use the link below to watch the Ishe video and tell us what you think

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