Investing zimbabwe 2018 ahead of democracy

The question of investment over democracy is an important one that we should ask ourselves in line with the recent developments in the country. Choosing investment ahead of peace is an idea that some may be amenable to, but ultimately the two must co-exist well and flourish together.

The idea of having security versus democracy is appealing. More like, following the Chinese model. China is a prosperous country but dissenting voices are stifled, the state is quite repressive, opposition is not allowed and freedom of expression is a bit of a luxury. Despite this, China is doing extremely well on the economic front and has one of the best economies in the world. Issues like inequality still remain but on the overall China is a prosperous country.

So, is this the route that we are supposed to take? Whereby we must not stand up to the ills of the country, as long as investment into the country is flowing in. But, will the investment come in when democracy is not prevailing? It seems some investors are consumed with the issue of the government adhering to certain tenets that allow the freedom of the people, but some do not give a damn about that. Should we be abused under the name of Zimbabwe is open for business?

The other side to the issue will be how investment and democracy must flourish together so that the property rights of investors are respected.

Others say we don’t eat democracy. What we need is food on the table.

But this is not how it ought to be.

The two must exist side by side.

One day, as the electoral impasse fades away, we will get true answers to this question.

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