Should blot go back to chillspot records
Blot and Fantan back in 2016

Etherton assisted the kid who had maneuvered his way to the stage regardless of being physically blocked and shoved. The youngster was not part of the guest list (for Enzo Ishall’s birthday celebrations at City Sports) created by the Chillspot stable as part of their shenanigans. He was handed the mic and fans quickly related to the signature – giri grenade as wild whistles and shouts blocked ears.

As soon he was visible on the stage, DJ Merciless shouted, ‘gimme the Stages Riddim’ and he did his thing. He only left the stage after his second song leaving the crowds yearning for more.

Blot is one of the many artists who had limelight in their own hands but for a short stint. You remember Boom Beto, Silent Killer and Kabhidha? These are Zimdancehall chanters who were at one time declared the future of the genre yet it was not to be. It won’t be any fair to put Blot in that sequence judging by the potential he possesses. He is one of the most powerful free-stylists in the game. He had real hits, Handingasarire, Ndiri Bad, Uchairipa and Rufu, songs which won him hearts of many hence he is still a topic in the streets.

Born Takura Chioniso, Blot is a Zimdancehall sensation hailing from Kwekwe. We had all become used to his bromance with Fantan who featured on every video of his freestyles and the music videos themselves too. When the youngster started to lose the grip that’s when controversial theories started to emerge. Blot became an absentee on the Chillspot riddims and worse still their medleys which have been for years their biggest marketing strategy.

Blot via the H-METRO revealed, ‘I once recorded my music at Chillspot from 2015-17. I only left them after realizing that they had weaned me off…however they closed my social network pages and links and they created a lot of falsehoods against me even though I don’t have issues with them’. In Chillspot’s eyes Blot had become big headed just because he needed a more professional management. It might have been rushed but the response wasn’t fair. They failed to come to terms with the arrangement and in the process they started an anti-Blot campaign using minors like Mad Viper to insult him in many tracks so that Blot’s reputation is tarnished yet he remains silent, a sign of victory.

Blot suddenly went missing and his music is no longer accessible easily. He was the face of Chillspot ahead of the now superstars Jah Signal, Enzo Ishall and Bazooker. The issues with the Levels and Fantan stable with Blot are sad but that’s how the game of music is. What matters most at the moment is how the 21 year old’s career can be revived, the genre needs him badly and his connection with the fans is still fresh. In April at Madirirano fans clamored for his return on stage to perform again and that’s not small especially for an artist who’s been off the radar for more than a year.

Of late Blot revealed that he is working with Cymplex on his next projects. He also revealed his desires to work with Winky D, who together with Soul Jah Love are his inspirations.
Chillspot is the most famous studio in the country, it is his first home and he has opened up that he is ready to reengage them at any time but the issue remains, should he go back to the same stable that is baying for his blood? Nobody is really sure of how the partnership succumbed, it’s all based on hearsay and media gossip. In this regard, if Chillspot are to bring him back to their stable, he should maintain his management and only feature on their riddims. Imagine the likes of Bazooka hearing that Blot is again part of the crew, will they embrace the attention shift?

Blot has won the hearts and support of the genres biggest scribes, the likes of Judgement yard. Recently, Godfrey ‘Vokal’ Bakasa, who managed Stunner at one point,and Seh Calaz, and is currently managing Gary Tight revealed his desire to manage Blot publicly. It can as well be a good move to return to Mangoma Depot but Blot should understand that the talent is exclusively his and he can still shine without the Chillspot hype.

It’s now time he learns from his role models and fellow big guns in the game in the name of Killer T, Jah Love, Freeman and Jah signal who have thrived on their own. He has already released decent tracks namely Ndege and Ngirozi with other producers bringing in the fact that he is flexible with any producer and that could be a stepping stone.

Blot’s career is of concern to everybody who is in love with the game. At this moment the chanter needs some advice and a bit of resilience to remain part of the game. The moment he triumphs without the Chillspot backing means the fairytale will be interesting but nonetheless going back to Chillspot is still important, we will love, push and support the talent.

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